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“Support Your Local Barber Program” X Garcia’s Barbershop Collaboration: “Support Your Local Barber Program”

IXFORMEN and Garcia’s Barbershop are teaming up to introduce the “Support Your Local Barber Program” during the Barbershop’s hiatus. Starting today you can use specific promo codes given to your personal Barber to use on to help support them during this tough time. The promo code will get you 10% off your least expensive item and will allow sales to be tracked that are generated from each Barber. Your Barber will receive 50% of the sale made using their promo code.

From everyone here at Garcia’s Barbershop and IXFORMEN we hope you are all doing well during these tough times. This is one tough community and we are proud to call it our home. Listed below are the promo codes for each Barber at the shop. They and they’re households that feed off the Barbershop genuinely appreciate every share, like, comment, and sale this posts generates.

Casey Mclaughlin PROMO: “Casey”

Savannah Crook PROMO: “Sunni”

Phil Nelson PROMO: “Phil”

Isaac Bradley PROMO: “Isaac”

Dalton Cady PROMO: “Dalton”

Joe Garcia PROMO: “Joe”

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