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IXFORMEN 5 Year Anniversary YETI Cup Giveaway

5 years ago today (April 10th, 2015) I brewed up the first batch of IXFORMEN Pomade in my parents kitchen.

At the time I was a college student who didn‘t pay a lick of attention at school because it wasn’t interesting and it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I am a creative, highly motivated individual and what I was pursuing in college was as far from creative as I could have chosen. I hated it and it all came to a head this day 5 years ago. I broke the mold and created something. Not knowing what I was doing or where I was headed, but that was the exciting part. There was no rules, guideline, or limits to what I was doing.

***Skip this paragraph if you aren’t looking for goofy worded advice about pursuing your dreams.*** If anything this business venture has taught me was to chase passions and watch everything follow into place. Almost every person in my life didn’t encourage me to quit school, cut hair, and start a product line. But something about those two things got me excited and put me in a good place. I couldn’t turn it off. I had to pursue it. Conventional School (textbooks, lectures, tests, etc.) made me miserable. Why would I continue to do it when it made me feel that way? So I could graduate and get a job that made me feel that way even more? Nah, I’m good. I’ll pursue passion and figure out the rest. So far, doing something I love all day every day has given me so many awesome opportunities and experiences in this life and I will be forever grateful. Hopefully this paragraph helps encourage you to enjoy life and what you do during your time on earth. We aren’t here forever, use your time wisely.

Anywho, on to the giveaway!

Every, like, comment, share, repost, retweet, you name, there is no limit to what you can do or how many times you can enter this giveaway. Anything that remotely tags, mentions, or promotes us will get you on our radar for the contest. We will run this for a handful of days and then review our entries. The crazier the entries the better chance you have at being handpicked. Hopefully those guidelines are vague enough for you. We look forward to seeing your entries!

stay safe, stay healthy, and


-Dalton Cady


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